Our Services

Custom Drink Services

Bottom Line has some of the best mixologists in New York City. We pride ourselves in being able to bring to you fountains of creativity and insight to help mold a custom drink menu for your bar or restaurant. Our award winning mixologists will work within your theme, cuisine or palate to ensure that your drinks are perfect for your business.

Our Custom Drink Services include:

  • Bar menu redesign
  • Your choice of a seasonal or fixed menu
  • Custom liquor lists
  • Liquor cost control

Bar Redesign

Let our award winning designers give your bar a makeover. Our team knows how to make bars run like clockwork and will create a brilliant new look that is fresh and in keeping with your business’s persona. By creating a more aesthetically pleasing bar you can bring in new customers, and with increased efficiency your bartenders can keep the drinks flowing.

Our Bar Redesign services include:

  • Bar design
  • Bar optimization
  • Equipment procurement
  • Soda gun referral

Staff Training

Needless to say that with new custom drinks and changes to the bar there is bound to be a learning curve. Our professional mixologists are wonderful educators and have a true passion for spreading the knowledge and love of cocktails wherever they go. They will retrain your staff so that, when we leave, your team won’t miss a beat. Even with a new and improved business, your staff must execute; Bottom Line will make sure they do.

Our Staff Training services include:

  • Drink building
  • Bar and equipment use and training
  • Drink composition and explanation
  • Cocktail procedural handout

Restaurant Consulting Service

Bottom Line isn’t simply a bar consulting service; we consult restaurants as well. Our professional staff knows how to cut cost and improve quality to make sure that your restaurant stays profitable and competitive.

Our Restaurant Consulting Services include:

  • Food orders and inventory
  • Menu redesign
  • Staff education and etiquette training


At Bottom Line we want nothing more than for your business to succeed. To this point, we offer a marketing service to help increase your business profile and bring in new customers. Bottom Line has branding and design experts to help bring personality to your business and, in turn, bring people through the door.

Our additional in-house services include:

  • Custom menu and napkin printing
  • Custom website design
  • Logo design
  • Uniform design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business signage

Quality Assurance

Keeping your staff from falling back in to bad habits is key to your bar or restaurant’s success, but you cannot afford to micromanage. Bottom Line doesn’t stop at training and cost reduction. We will continue to help you along the path of success by lending a watchful eye and a critical lens when you can’t.

Our Quality Assurance services include:

  • Mystery client/manager
  • Regular check-ups
  • Bar and menu quizzes

At Bottom Line we aim to turn your bar or restaurant into a bustling hub of excitement, culture and, most importantly, business. We do this through careful revision and education so that both you and your staff are totally comfortable and successful in your bar or restaurant.