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Lalibela, an Ethiopian restaurant, had no drink menu to speak of and lacked basic marketing tools like signage and custom designed menus.

Their Need

Bottom Line was hired to increase staff efficiency, design a drink menu and improve the marketing strategy for the restaurant.

Primary Service Provided

  • Custom drink building
  • Drink building trifold
  • Menu, napkin, take out bag redesign
  • Liquor control costs
  • Staff training and education
  • Website redesign
  • Custom signage
  • Bar redesign
  • Bar optimization
  • Quality assurance


The development of digital signage on the façade of the restaurant has made the restaurant stand out on the busy streets of Lower Manhattan and has helped bring in more customers. The redesign and optimization of the bar has made service smoother and more effective, creating a dulcet environment throughout the restaurant. With regular quality assurance visits from undercover Bottom Line agents, Lalibela is always raising the bar to succeed in the New York restaurant business.