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Consistent Traits Among Successful Fast-Casual Brands

November 30, 2016 11:00 am Published by
An illustration of different foods that are mainstays at Fast-Casual restaurants, such as pizza, ice cream and sushi.

Does your Fast-Casual brand have these traits?

In big cities across the country, there has been an undeniable surge in the Fast-Casual restaurant market. They’re expanding rapidly. Establishments like Chipotle, Bareburger, and Shake Shack have been among the biggest beneficiaries of this rising trend. They’ve shown that providing customers with high-quality meals at an affordable price is doable. And it’s been a perfect fit for the fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle.

Each of these Fast-Casual brands is respectively unique. But the factors that have made them successful are similar. If you’re looking for your eatery to expand, be sure to consider incorporating these winning traits that have proven to work.

Quality and Quantity Are NOT Oil and Water

Customers have become passionate about their meat being of a specific quality. They want it to be grass-fed, cage-free, and antibiotic free. As many of the celebrated chains are now showing, it is possible to serve fresher ingredients while keeping costs low. Rising above the “mystery meat” label slapped on the likes of any other fast food joint is a key component to the success of these Fast-Casual restaurants.

Fast-Casual Brands Must Be Accommodative to All Eating Lifestyles

Bareburger is a great example. Their menu is able to please both meat-lovers and vegetarians. That’s an accomplishment for any burger place. When having a high customer rate is important for turnover, you must put in the effort to please as many different eaters as possible. Even if your house specialty is steak, the veggie option has to be just as good.

Be a Chain, But Don’t Look Like a Chain

In 2004, Shake Shack started off as a little stand in Madison Square Park. After mile-long lines and expansions all across the world, it’s now a Fast-Casual empire. But despite their mainstream success, each new location has its own distinct look.

Blending into your surroundings is important. If you are looking to have a location in an especially chic or hip neighborhood, you must look the part in order to survive there.

Surviving as a Fast-Casual haunt is inherently difficult. Taking a mindful approach towards how you present yourself as a restaurant business is necessary. Keeping these ideas in mind will help your establishment get to the next level.

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