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How Restaurateurs Can Benefit from Holiday Dining

December 21, 2016 11:00 am Published by
A plate with decorative food, themed to suit holiday dining.

How can your restaurant improve its holiday dining experience?

Historically, restaurant businesses do not do well with holiday dining. 61% of restaurants see a decline in customers during these major events. It’s because customers are likelier to spend time with family and prepare their own meals. Cold weather also plays a role in this. Fewer people want to go out when it’s 20 degrees.

Such a significant drop-off in volume hurts any business. So, although many of the factors contributing to a dip in holiday dining will not change anytime soon, there are ways to work within the given environment.

Go the Extra Mile With Your Decorations

A paper Santa Claus taped to the window is charming. But it’s not enough. A well-decorated storefront catches a pedestrian’s eye immediately. It gets them to stop and take a picture. And when trying to increase foot traffic, getting them to stop is half the battle. Even if they don’t come in, they’ll likely post a picture of the display onto their social media page for their friends and followers to see.

Engage Online

Communicating with customers using email blasts, Facebook, and Twitter are all helpful. Reminding customers of discounts or coupons via email is a no-brainer, especially if there’s a take-out option. And with a simple Instagram post, delicious holiday specific menu items can be showcased. Footprint heightening on these platforms will entice people to get out of the house.

Stay Open on Holidays for Holiday Dining

Although it may seem counterintuitive, many restauranteurs have seen an increase in profit by staying open for holidays. Thanksgiving is still home-based, but restauranteurs who have stayed open for Christmas and New Year’s Day benefited greatly. They saw their profits increase up to 50% compared to an average day.

Getting customers to go to a restaurant for holiday dining takes effort. Sales can fall considerably if a greater initiative isn’t taken during this time of year.

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