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Don’t Allow Your Restaurant to Become Dated

May 18, 2016 4:30 pm Published by

Customers at an eatery want the total experience. Outdated décor is one way to send those discerning consumers somewhere else for their next meal. There are a few things about your restaurant you want to check and update if needed.

Restaurant Checklist

  • Décor – First look at the overall décor of the restaurant. Make sure your color scheme doesn’t scream ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, or so on (unless it’s a theme restaurant from those eras).
  • Lighting – Make sure that your light fixtures and bulbs have been updated. You don’t want fixtures to be a flash back to another time—but a modern fixture with an older-style bulb may also make customers feel like the establishment isn’t progressive. Plus, LED lighting will save you money on utilities.
  • Wall Decorations – Some chain restaurants are known for having walls filled with what looks like a yard sale gone awry. If you’re not running one of those franchises, keep wall decorations modern (within reason) but the décor still needs to match your style of restaurant.
  • Floors – Vinyl and carpet are not the look you want in a modern establishment. Wood flooring has a timeless class to it. Cement is great for rustic restaurant and well-travelled areas. Paint is an easy way to keep cement floors looking good. Tile and stone are also very viable contemporary options.
  • Staff Uniforms – This is another one of those areas where the years go by and establishments forget that fashion changes dramatically. Your staff doesn’t have to wear trendy clothing, but if you still have everyone in pleated pants and wide ties, it’s time to clean up the look a little. If you haven’t changed the uniform this decade, give this a close look.

Remodeling a restaurant can give it new life. If you look at restaurant reviews, you may be surprised by how many people mention the décor—as opposed to the food or service. Don’t get saddled with 3- and 4-star reviews that would have been 5s with fresh coat of paint and some new dishes. This is one of those little things that can make what was the hottest place in town 10 years ago, runner-up to newer establishments.

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