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Sanford Wilk

Sanford Wilk

With an MBA (Tulane) and two undergrad degrees in design, Sanford manages in a way that combines the operational precision and drive of an MBA with a keen eye for creative detail. He specializes in developing digital products that help small/mid-size companies make larger impacts in heavily saturated and highly competitive markets. His love for food and foreign cultures has inspired him to take his talents to the culinary realm.

Sanford is a self-described “tech geek” and foodie, and co-authors The Coolest Gadgets blog while chasing down the stranger side of global-regional cuisine. With a drive to constantly push the limits of his own pallet, Sanford has traveled the world and scoured NYC in search of the finest and most interesting cuisine. His greatest culinary conquests include sampling fugu (a potentially toxic Japanese pufferfish) in Tokyo, and rattlesnake in the American Southwest. With a critical eye towards design and 20 years of consulting under his belt, Sanford is always finding ways to improve restaurants. His love for the culinary arts combined with his talent for design has seen him help turn around struggling bars and restaurants all over NYC.

Pablo Anguilar

Pablo Anguilar

Pablo was destined for mixology. Born in Puebla, Mexico, Pablo has always been surrounded by food, especially fruits and vegetables. With family in the restaurant industry, it is no wonder Pablo found himself gravitating towards the culinary arts. He lived Mexico until the age of 12, when his family decided to move to the US in seek of the American Dream.

Pablo found his way to Brooklyn in 1998 and has never looked back. He got his first job as a delivery boy at the age of 14. That was the beginning of Pablo’s rise through the hospitality industry as he soon found himself rocketing through the ranks. In 11 years Pablo rose from runner to bartender to management, working at such bars and restaurants as The City Grill, la Fenice, Lounge Medina, Sueños, Flex Mussels and Covet Lounge.

But even after experiencing all these various tasks and responsibilities, Pablo could not deny his passion. He eventually found himself firmly situated behind the bar, using his expansive palate and inborn culinary gifts to create brilliant and creative drinks. His talents soon earned him respect from his peers, opening the doors to study with the best mixologists in New York City. Today Pablo finds himself on the forefront of modern mixology. Constantly experimenting and studying his craft, Pablo continues to make waves in the world of mixology. With a firm commitment to education and creative expression, Pablo takes great pride and passion in building new and custom drinks for his clients and teaching them the finer points of mixology.

At Bottom Line we admire the passion and drive it takes to open a bar or restaurant. We share that passion and know the frustration you feel when things get tough. Our goal is to assist, develop and educate our clients and their management. Through cooperation with chefs and management, Bottom Line can put restaurants and bars back on the right track.

We focus on business profitability and market niching with specialties in bar and menu redesign. Our professional mixologists focus on pairing unique and original cocktails with the food on the menu. At Bottom Line, we believe a bar that is both professional and creative can breathe new life into your restaurant.

By assisting with food and beverage management, bar and menu development and staff education, Bottom Line can revitalize your business. Bottom Line brings management and education; the perfect mix.