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Restaurant Outreach: Working With Media

July 19, 2017 11:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts
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Your restaurant outreach efforts will spread your name.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and if you are a restaurant, it’s a positive thing. When it comes to restaurant outreach, you have to explore every avenue available to you. That includes taking the extra step and talking out to local press and media. They have a reach that extends far beyond your own. To put yourself on their radar, you have to make contact and let them know you exist. Here are types of outlets you need to be in touch with to spread the word about your eatery.

Notes to Keep in Mind

First, you need to know what outlets discuss your industry. They will be the people willing to give you a chance. After all, there is no point in reaching out to unrelated media about your restaurant. It’s like trying to get a computer organization to talk about your newest cheeseburger. Look for foodies and restaurant enthusiasts who have amassed a community of people interested in eating out.

Another important thing to remember is to stay professional. Do not try to bribe media channels into giving you special attention. Simply invite them to your restaurant. You can offer them a free meal or discount, just don’t expect or ask for any favors in return. You can even keep them informed when you have a brand-new dish or event happening. Your food, excellent service, and fantastic venue should speak for itself.

Reaching Influencers

Online influencers come in many forms, from social media personalities to bloggers. Reaching these people should be the easiest. They are always looking for something new to try, especially those in the food industry. These personalities and bloggers have communities that are made up of thousands of followers. When you invite these people, they won’t always accept, but stay persistent. Getting just one of these people through your door can put you in the spotlight.

Reaching Press

Traditional reporters and magazine writers are some of the top media outlets. An excellent way to reach these people is an invite-only event. People flock to this kind of exclusive event. These types of events grant you personal time with writers. You can give them an in-depth overview of everything you are about, while at the same time showing them the kind of food you serve. They are bound to walk away with an impression. Also, traditional news outlets and magazine are considered reputable in the eyes of consumers, making their words powerful.

Restaurant Outreach With Bottom Line

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