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The Best Way to Retain Returning Customers

August 23, 2017 11:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts
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Keep your returning customers if you want to succeed.

A great way to measure the success of your restaurant is to look for familiar faces among your patrons. Seeing their face pop into your eatery, again and again, lets you know that you are doing something right. Too many restaurants focus on attracting new customers, who leave and never come back. Returning customers are loyal customers, and if you want more, there are certain steps you have to take towards making that happen. At Bottom Line, we are sure that we can help you gain the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Stay in Communication With Your Customers

The first time a patron decides to eat at your restaurant should not be the last. Your restaurant should stay in their minds, and find a way to make them come back for more. An obvious way to do this is to offer excellent food and service. Another effective way to get these customers to return to your restaurant is by staying in contact with them. There are a couple of approaches to staying in contact with your customers.

  • Email Newsletters – The first is an email newsletter. If you can get customers to sign up for your newsletters, you can send them marketing materials, deals, and notifications about future events. These emails are constant reminders that your restaurant exist. It also gives them updates on everything you are doing and why they should eat at your restaurant again. Emails are also a very personal thing. People pay attention to the emails that they receive.
  • Social Media – Creating a Facebook page or Twitter account is another beneficial way to stay in contact with your customers. Believe it or not, marketing on social media can be more meaningful than other forms of marketing. Here us out. On social networks, customers choose to like or follow a page or account. If people like your page, that means that they want to see and hear more from you. The content that you produce will be more effective, and convince people to return.

Prioritize Returning Customers

Your returning customers expect the same kind of service they received during their first time at your restaurant. Continuing to treat these customers well can benefit you in more ways than you know. In fact, many return customers act as a representatives or advocates for your restaurant – convincing more people to visit. Whether it’s through word of mouth or writing a favorable review on Yelp, it will build your businesses reputation.

Be sure to remember the faces that come into your restaurant often. You can also have your customers sign up for a loyalty program, which will help you identify who is a returning customer. As for the kind of service you should provide, we have a few good tips that might help you stay on your patron’s good graces.

Maintain Growth and Success With Bottom Line

At Bottom Line, we can do more than just bring customers back to your restaurant. Our consultant services can upgrade your operations, retrain your wait staff, and provide other marketing opportunities. You can look at the few case studies that we have to get an idea of what we can do and contact us if you are interested in working together.

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